Road To Download 2014: Alter Bridge

Playing the main stage of Download is no easy task, but sub-headlining underneath the legendary Aerosmith sounds like one of the most pant-wettingly nervewracking experiences ever. We talked to Alter Bridge co-founder and bassist Brian Marshall about how excited he is.

How excited are you guys to be playing Download festival?

“Thrilled! There is nothing cooler than playing in front of an audience this size. Download is the mother of all festivals in the world.”

How important is it to you to play the hallowed ground of Donington?

“We have played it many times over the years and each time we gain some ground up the bill. It’s true our fans in the UK have spoken and we hope to add something special to its legacy.”

Who do you recommend to watch at Download this year?

“Opeth, Rob Zombie, Steel Panther and Orange Goblin.”

Addicted To Pain

**Who is more metal out of the headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park or Aerosmith? **

“It’s got to be Avenged. Just because their sound is true to the word – metal!”

What is your best festival memory?

“Meeting some of my idols as a kid and actually sharing a stage with them. Slash, John Paul Jones and Sir Steve Harris to name a few.”

What are your three essential items to take to Download?

“Baby powder, sweat bands and a camera.”

What is the most metal thing you’ve ever done?

“I was up to no good one night and got my wallet stolen in France so I decided it would be best to completely destroy my hotel room. I wrote obscenities all over the walls and broke everything within my grasp… I’m not real proud of what I did but I do feel pretty metal when it’s the tale of a party.”

Alter Bridge play the main stage on the Sunday of Download. Get your tickets here.

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