Quake returns to the multiplayer arena with Quake Champions

quake game logo

Bethesda has announced the sneaky return of the Quake series to the world of first person shooters.

PC gamers will be able to return to the FPS series that helped define online multiplayer shooter gameplay with Quake Champions which has been quietly in development at the studio that created the series id Software.

The game is fully aimed at competitive and eSports play. It will be multiplayer only as Quake 3 Arena was before it and it will offer an array of unique character classes and loads of arena maps for players to battle across.

Quake Champions will be coming to PC only and will offer super-fast gameplay and insanely smooth graphics that will support refresh rates of up to 120Hz. For the uninitiated that means that the game will be able to draw 120 frames per second on PC setups powerful enough to handle it. Modern HD TVs usually refresh at rates between 50Hz and 60Hz for example.

More will be unveiled on Quake Champions at QuakeCon Bethesda and id Software’s big fan convention later this summer in Dallas.