Playing metal in very inappropriate places

Rob Scallon playing guitar next to a police car

A few years ago, YouTuber Rob Scallon took it upon himself to play metal in some inappropriate places, and now he’s back at it again!

From weddings to bowling alleys to being pulled over by the cops, nothing is going to stop Rob. Like Tenacious D said: you can’t kill the metal, the metal will live on.

Jamming the song Jerome from his album The Scene Is Dead, Rob is joined by fellow music YouTuber Rabea Massaad for the solo in the toilet. You might remember Rabea from the time he came to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods!

You might also remember Rob from playing Slayer on the ukulele and turning an axe into a guitar.

Where have you played metal that maybe you shouldn’t?

Here's Meshuggah played on a shovel – WTF?!