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Guy turns axe into guitar and uses it to chop wood

Guitar made from an axe

Remember when we told you about Rob Scallon turning a shovel into a guitar? Well things have been turned a notch in the wooden-handle-with-a-metal-bit guitar department.

As displayed by the band known as Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Rev. Peyton himself has turned his trusty wood-chopping axe into a guitar for a little jam session in the woods. As you do. He’s even got drummer Sad Max Senteney keeping time on a trusty log.

But that’s not all! Ol’ Rev. Peyton then uses his guitar to chop big blocks of wood in half! How awesome is that?

This isn’t the first time Rev. Peyton has turned a weapon into a guitar, last year he turned a goddamn shotgun into a guitar! Is there no limit to what utensils can be transformed into guitars? How about a rake? An umbrella? A bunch of grapes?

We’ll be waiting.

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