Obsidian Kingdom's Guide To The 10 Best New Bands In Spain

Obsidian Kingdom
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The non-categorisable Catalonian quintet Obsidian Kingdom are set to appear at Barcelona’s summer festival Be Prog! My Friend. Here’s frontman Rider G Omega with his pick of the 10 most promising rock bands shaking up the Spanish rock scene…

From: Córdoba
“First of all, you should check out this up-and-coming, young and determined band from the south of Spain. They fall somewhere between colourful post-rock and rabid screamo. Their debut album Flores, Carne (translated Flowers, Flesh) literally hurts.”
Website: vivabelgrado.bandcamp.com

From: Barcelona
“Foscor have been around for a while, but their constant redefinition makes them current. Elegant and well-crafted progressive black metal à la Norway’s Ved Buens Ende but with a twist of Catalan modernism. Fiar sang a song on our debut and we returned the favour by performing the coda of their excellent track L.amor.T.”
Website: www.facebook.com/foscor.official

From: Barcelona
“Za! are even more unclassifiable than we are. We wouldn’t even know how to start describing it. Hallucinatory and irreverent math-psych-crossover-core? PapaduPau and Spazzfrica Ehd are crazy, intense, different and fun as hell – you should definitely give them a go.”
Website: www.facebook.com/putosza

From: Madrid
“One of the latest surprises from the capital; we were lucky to have them opening our show in Madrid. Trono de Sangre shift effortlessly from schizoid math-rock to smooth jazzy sections, without letting go of the bile in their vocal delivery. Their artwork, created by their drummer (and tattoo artist) Jorge Lacera is worth diving into as well.”
Website: www.facebook.com/Tronodesangre

From: Barcelona
“Much like Foscor, Exxasens aren’t exactly the new kids on the block, but their recent stage of development makes them sound as if they were brand new. With their brand of instrumental and space-inspired post-rock, it’s no wonder they’re so big in Russia, or that we meet them performing at international festivals more often than we do at home!”
Website: www.facebook.com/ELEVENMILES

From: Madrid
“Amaya is a very talented pianist and singer from Madrid who is now temporarily based in Scotland. Her approach to music is delicate and passionate, and you can sense a whole lot of struggle and beauty in her sound. She’s somehow redolent of Tori Amos’ early years, but she has her own unique voice. We produced a deep bass drone remix of her new track Ignis Fatuus, and she kindly introduced our last show in Barcelona.”
Website: www.facebook.com/maudthemoth.music

From: Madrid
“Our label mates keep blasting through the universe with their extreme sci-fi, hi-tech, brutal death metal supernova. Their attention to detail is so remarkable that you can almost hear the sub-atomic particles crashing – right before their quasar sound wipes you off the face of the galaxy, of course.”
Website: www.facebook.com/wormed

From: Madrid
“Jardín de la Croix play an extremely technical variant of math-rock that will leave you with your jaw on the floor; their music is as electrifying as it is engaging. They were our support on our Mantiis tour in Spain.”
Website: www.facebook.com/jardindelacroix

From: Barcelona
“Nico is a young singer/songwriter from Barcelona who sings about life from a very acidic and sarcastic perspective, while there’s a naiveté that makes it all the more human.”
Website: nicoroig.bandcamp.com

From: Madrid
“This list wouldn’t be complete without this band. Toundra are probably one of the most internationally-renowned acts from the current rock scene in Spain and they’re a fine example of how hard work, high hopes and tireless dedication is what it takes to succeed in today’s music industry. Hats off!”
Website: www.facebook.com/toundra

The Be Prog! My Friend festival takes place in Barcelona on July 1-2 and is sponsored by Metal Hammer/Prog/TeamRock. For more information, visit the festival’s official site.

Obsidian Kingdom’s new album A Year With No Summer is out now.

Obsidian Kingdom: A Year With No Summer

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