Nocturno Culto joins Urgehal in tribute to their late frontman

Tragedy hit Norway’s black metal institution, Urgehal, in May 2012 when their guitarist and vocalist, Trondr Nefas, passed away from natural causes at the far too young age of 34.

Rather than continue the band in the absence of their frontman, Urgehal disbanded, but not without working on one final album in tribute to Trondr, and the result is Aeons In Sodom - one final, guest-filled blast of gnarly, punk-sodden, chain-wielding black metal, due to swagger amongst the charred remnants of civilisation and offer a valedictory kick to your twitching nether regions on February 12 when it’s released via Season Of Mist Records.

We are proud to offer a preview in the unwashed and riotous form of The Iron Children, a crust and Motörhead-infused rampage, featuring none other than Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto on vocals, that hacks at your senses with a rusty axe and offers the kind of unsavoury send-off only the most vigorous of vagabonds could possibly muster.

Raise a spiked fist in farewell, keep your tetanus antidote close by and subject yourself to The Iron Children below!

Visit Trondr Nefas’s memorial Facebook page here

And pre-order Aeons In Sodom here

Urgehal's Enzifer - we may never see the like again

Urgehal's Enzifer - we may never see the like again (Image credit: Anne Sneisen)
Jonathan Selzer

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