The Six Best New Songs You’ll Hear All Week

NOFX tackle pharmaceutical companies on their latest track

This week’s musical buffet table is positively buckling with fresh cuts. Pop punk, post-hardcore, skeletal bishop-led rock? It’s all here. Grab a plate and pile it high.

NORMA JEAN – Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else

Taken from Norma Jean’s new album Polar Similar, this dark blast of metalcore works on two levels – its title is a nod to the late, great Lemmy Kilmister, but the song itself is about an abusive relationship. Harrowing, powerful stuff.

GREEN DAY – Bang Bang

Green Day released a stream of this single – taken from their forthcoming twelfth album, Revolution Radio –but this video – really brings it to life. It starts with a bank robbery by a trio in rubber Green Day masks and ends with a giant party and massive plot twist.

NOFX – OxyMoron

As provocative and amusing as ever, NOFX have released this video for this catchy pop-punk invective against pharmaceutical companies and the American healthcare system. Political and juvenile in equal measure, it makes a powerful statement for much-needed change in the USA.

GHOST – Square Hammer

Before Swedish metal clergy Ghost release their fourth full-length next year, they’ll be putting out an EP full of covers: Popestar. They have, however, released this little teaser from the full-length, which is a quintessential slice of catchy horror metal. Praise be.


Always ones to explore new sounds, Lower Than Atlantis have released the first song from their as-yet-untitled forthcoming album. It’s a boisterous, chugging slab of alternative rock, which also happens to feature a jazz drumbeat and finger clicks. They’ll be sipping black coffee and wearing berets next.


Derby trio Unqualified Nurse Band have just released their debut album Debasement Tapes. Getting Sweaty is a menacing swirl of the late, great Groop Dogdrill’s swagger, Nirvana’s noisy pop nous and streaks of East Bay Ray’s shimmering surf guitar. Here’s a 106-second blast of our favourite new band.

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