The Six Best New Songs You’ll Hear All Week

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo from W... um. Begins with a W, anyway (Image credit: Kevin Winter\/Getty)

Here’s a slew of brand new music that’ll awaken the senses like standing over a butcher’s bin at the height of summer…

AIRBOURNE – Breakin’ Outta Hell

First streamed exclusively on the Metal Hammer website, here’s the title track from the Aussie hard rockers’ fourth studio album. With riffs aplenty and vocals that AC/DC would be proud of, it’s a raucous return to the spotlight that sounds like a winged mammal out of Hell. Or something.


Given the current state of affairs in the States right now, this could be taken as ironic social commentary from the geek-rock pioneers, but Weezer actually wrote this song to pay tribute to NASA’s impending spacecraft mission to Jupiter. Which, given Weezer’s penchant for quirky weirdness, might mean they’ll be playing a gig there in the not too distant future…

AREA 11 – The Contract

Putting a warning at the bottom of a video about flashing images might seems a little over-the-top, but trust us – you should pay heed to it. But it’s worth the strain on the eyes, because it’s a pretty awesome and trippy experience. The track itself is taken from the spacey Nottingham rockers’ second album, Modern Synthesis, which came out last week.


Not only is the animated video for this song rather gorgeous, but it also highlights the serious ecological problems facing the world. Taken from the Kentucky band’s soon-to-be-released third album, the track itself is a lilting but insistent dose of prog-rock loveliness, that swells and swells as the melody – and the video – reaches its crescendo.

MONSTER TRUCK – Why Are You Not Rocking?

“I don’t care about the weather / The band’s here to play.” That’s the first line of this track, and it’s an appropriate one, because the Canadian hard rockers filmed this video at Download earlier this year. Which, as we all know, was a total mudbath. No wonder there are plenty of ponchos and umbrellas in the background, but it all adds to the, er, weathered grittiness of the song. You’re welcome.

JEFF BECK – Right Now

Jeff Beck may have turned 72 last month, but he’s still rocking as hard as ever, as this song proves. Taken from his 11th album, and first in six years, it finds the guitar legend particular stellar form. In fact, its snarling, bluesy riffs put most younger UK guitarists to shame.