New Destiny expansion, Rise Of Iron release date leaked

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Destiny Rise Of Iron (Image credit: Bungie \/ Activision)

A poster for the new expansion, dubbed Rise Of Iron, has appeared online and the image has been verified by at least two sources in the know according to Kotaku.

The sources also indicated that the upcoming DLC would be larger than The Dark Below and House Of Wolves and will feature a new raid that focuses on “Fallen with a twist”. It also seems like it will centre on the Iron Banner in some way as the character in the poster is Iron Banner master Lord Saladin, brandishing what looks like a large axe.

Rise Of Iron will launch in September, replacing Destiny 2 in the release slot. The sequel has apparently been rebooted and is now being headed up by Taken King director Luke Smith in the wake of a staff reorganization, at developer Bungie.

We can probably expect to see more on this at E3 in a few weeks time.