Meet Ghost Iris: Denmark's next big thing

Ghost Iris band promo photo

Danish tech-metallers Ghost Iris are releasing their second album Blind World later this month, and Metal Hammer is premiering their new video for Save Yourself.

Forming from the ashes of Shaped Like Swans, Ghost Iris have been making waves in the European tech-metal scene – they were the most streamed metal band in their homeland of last year!

But what are Ghost Iris all about? And what separates them from the plethora of tech-metal bands out there? To find out, we chatted to vocalist Jesper Vicencio Gün about the new video, the new album and Danish metal.

What is the story behind the song Save Yourself?

“It’s about a former love interest that completely shattered my heart. So metal, I know.”

What inspired the Save Yourself video?

“We wanted to do something that was completely different than the lyrical content of the song. So we thought, why not do our Euphoric State music video part two? And so we did.”

Are you making fun of bands that act like rich rockstars all the time?

“Well, we’re not exactly supporters of ridiculous glorification of decadence by the wealthiest people in the world, so maybe yeah.”

What is the vision of Ghost Iris?

“Making people see how much fun we have doing this and hopefully it rubs off onto them. Bringing some light into the world, you know?”

The tech-metal scene is getting quite overcrowded, what makes you guys stand out?

“We have a much more poppy and chorus-oriented style of music. We value catchiness over technical wankery.”

How does your new album Blind World compare to your debut record?

Blind World is next level Ghost Iris. I’m not saying we necessarily matured, but we are slowly but surely finding our very own brand of metalcore/tech-metal. Moving away from the clichés of ‘djent’.”

What is the Danish metal scene like?

“In our opinion, there are a few really good metal bands in Denmark. Our opinion. But within the good ones, some really kick ass music is emerging like VOLA, Cold Night For Alligators, and Cabal.”

What is the end goal for Ghost Iris?

“Touring and getting our music out there. Hopefully creating a revolution of the mind.”

Ghost Iris’ new album Blind World is out February 17, via Long Branch Records.

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