Louder's Tracks Of The Week: New music from Mudhoney, Twenty One Pilots and more


Anti-football, anti-Trump, anti-existentialism: we've got it all for you in this week's round up of fine new music. But, as always, before we get started on that, it's time to say congratulations to the winners of last week's vote – in particular to Nashville noise-rockers Step Sisters who romped all the way into first place.

3. Gun - Take Me Down
2. Tides Of Man - Static Hymn
1. Step Sisters - Waste My Head

But whomst will be taking home the trophy this week? There's only one way to find out, and that's by wrapping your ears around the tracks below. First, let's take a look back at last week's winning song.

Mudhoney - Paranoid Core

Grunge is great, as the old saying goes, and Seattle founding fathers Mudhoney are back to prove it. This upbeat rock'n'roller channels both the fuzzed out surf licks of Dick Dale and the nihilism of Steve Albini, while taking aim at modern anxieties. On the new material, vocalist Mark Arm says: "My sense of humour is dark, and these are dark times. I suppose it’s only getting darker. I’ve tried to keep things somewhat universal, so that this album doesn’t just seem like of this time. Hopefully some of this stuff will go away. You don’t want to say in the future, 'Hey, those lyrics are still relevant. Great!'"

Twenty One Pilots - Jumpsuit

Electro-rock duo Twenty One Pilots make their return with this paean to all-in-one clothing, presumably because they've never found themselves battling a zips and buttons labyrinth while trying to undress in time to make the toilet after too many shandies on a night out. They'll learn. All moody guitars and rumbling synths, this track sees the boys back on form.

Talking Violet - Sparjammer 67

This absolutely lush slice of dreampop sees this Canadian four-piece channelling Cocteau Twins atmospherics for a track which is absolutely perfect for this shimmering, summery weather. Glorious.

Mushroomhead - We Are The Truth

And now for something entirely less pleasant, nu-metal clan Mushroomhead are back with this gory, Evil Dead-inspired slice of riff-heavy metal madness. On the video, the band say: "As you can imagine, the entire Mushroomhead camp is heavily into horror films. So, we decided to do an Evil Dead tribute. Dr. F, Stitch and myself were responsible for all set designs. I think the end result is very creepy and a lot of fun."

TV COMA - I Don't Like Football

There was some football this week or something, right? Well, we lost, so Three Lions can fuck right off – we'll settle for this raucous takedown of the not-so-beautiful game from this "self-hating millennial rock band" instead. 

Honey Hahs - Stop Him

From one searingly topical entry to another, this song from London pre-teens Honey Hahs takes aim at the visiting US President. When a group of literal children take time out of their lives to write a song about what a piece of shit you are, you know you've got to start reassessing some of your life choices. Musically, it's roughly equivalent to what you might hear if you had a fever dream based in the school scene of The Wicker Man. If it seems juvenile, it's because... it is. On the song, the band say: "This is a song we wrote about having to spend time with people you find annoying and then when we heard about Donald Trump we made it about him as he seemed scary and dangerous. That’s where Stop Him came from."

The Leo Star Electric Band - Soft & Gentle

This song is the most 90s thing to happen since the actual 90s. Fuzzed-out indie grunge rock which borrows heavily from the likes of Swervedriver and Hum, here the South London group continue their mission to make "fucked up pop songs for the masses". On the track, the band say: "I was listening to a lot of Jesu at the time and liked the idea of a pop song that has a really oppressive feeling to it. I was also at the tail end of my marriage and writing music as means to escape reality and to get in touch with myself after losing so much of my identity. The lyrics for the song came to me when I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't recognise who I was anymore."

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Cake Of Light

The curiously-named Newcastle riff-lords are at it again, with this track which is said to "do its damnedest to take consciousness to its very limits". It's heavy, it's sludgy, it's horrible – in short, it's infinitely enjoyable. On the new material, the band say: "For a long time I've questioned how and where guilt can be used as a form of oppression... When can guilt be converted into positive action? After typing all of the lyrics up I realised I'd unwittingly referenced every one of the seven deadly sins throughout the album. That's the fire and brimstone Catholic teachings I picked up at school coming into play there!"

Sid - †He©U®e

Remember when everyone had MSN Messenger, and every day was a battle to come up with the cOoLeSt handle? Well, something tells us DJ Sid of Slipknot fame would've been the champion of his particular friendship group, having recently released single †He©U®e, from upcoming album ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢. On the track, Sid says: "∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢ is a metaphoric creative representation of the heart and mind inside a body of work known as the artist 'SID' (tHe aLieN kiNg). The cover art can be translated as this… SID is an alien without a home planet traveling through dark space being assimilated by a cold robotic force known as 'tHe feMALe', and is attempting to save the last part of him that remains human, his heart." 

Musically, it's, uhhhhh... interesting.

The Twilight Sad - I/m Not Here [Missing Face]

This song from Scottish alt.rockers The Twilight Sad can perhaps be best described by quoting Louder news editor Scott Munro, who calls it "fucking amazeballs". Their usual beautiful misery has been replaced here by motorik post rock, flecked with jagged synths. On the new material, the band say: "The aim was to try and do stuff that we’d enjoy playing live, to make it more interesting for ourselves as well as everyone else."

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