Someone's made some Lego Rock Band Spaceships, and they're out of this world

Lego Jeff Lynne
Lego Jeff Lynne (Image credit: Grobiebrix)

It might be a child’s toy, but for many Lego is a very serious business indeed. Since the company launched in 1958 more than 500 billion bricks have been produced, with another 36,000 joining that total every minute. Amongst the most serious users are the self-confessed AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego), whose Lego creations are often spectacular.

Several weeks ago we carried the news of a Lego version of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, but someone using the name Grobie has gone further, creating Lego versions of ELO’s iconic space ship, the craft seen on the cover of Boston’s debut album, and the Scarab ship that adorns the sleeve of Journey’s classic Escape.

Each design is accompanied by a miniature musical figure: Jeff Lynn, Tom Scholz and Neal Schon. Grobie has also released a video explaining each model’s background, and just like the original Boston spaceship, the Lego copy is based on an upside-down guitar with the neck removed.

Gobie’s designs can be assembled by Lego fans if they have the right bricks and skills, and although they’re not available to buy as kits, there is hope: all three designs can be supported at, a site where AFOLs can submit Lego their prototypes. If they get enough support, the Lego company goes into production.

We wish Gobie luck, and we’ll be first in the queue if he succeeds. For more information, visit Grobie’s website.

Boston and Tom Scholz

Boston and Tom Scholz (Image credit: Gobiebrix)

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