Kratos is back with snow and dragons in God Of War 4

God of War

It looks like Sony was not pulling any punches with their E3 press conference this year as they opened up the show with a live gameplay demo of God of War 4.

There have been plenty of rumours swirling around for some time about a new God of War game coming for the PS4 and it looks like they may have been fairly close to the mark.

The gameplay demo showed an older Kratos going on a hunting trip with his son in a snowy, Scandinavian-like environment. The architecture on show has a very Norse mythology feel to it as some of the rumours from last year suggested but what was most interesting was the interplay between father and son as Kratos tries to soften himself to deal with his son. It’s not quite the deeply emotional gameplay of The Last Of Us but it’s certainly an indication that the God of War series is maturing.

There’s a little bit of the hardcore bloody combat that the series is known for as the duo are interrupted as they track a stag by a large troll-like creature wielding a huge stone pillar as a club. After the fight Kratos and son locate the stag and have a proper father and son bonding moment as his son takes aim and kills the stag. As they approach the stag to claim their kill the camera pans back to a wider Skyrim-esque shot complete with snow-capped mountains and a dragon swooping towards the pair.

There was no mention of a release date for God of War 4 as yet but we can probably expect it to appear no earlier than Christmas of 2017 possibly even early on in 2018.