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Jesse Leach pranks Killswitch Engage fans with brand new reggae song


Oh, Jesse Leach, you’re such a kidder. With the world eagerly awaiting the brand new Killswitch Engage album, the singer decided to ‘leak’ a brand new song on Instagram.

“Exclusive Killswitch Engage leak!” trumpeted our guy. “I repeat HOLY HELL new Killswitch, holy shit! Listen”

Except that’s not quite true. Instead, it featured a short snippet of a jokey reggae song featuring Jesse singing the praises of the blessed herb. “Smoke the weed,” he drawls over a tune that would have Bob Marley spinning in his grave, before  helpfully adding: “Don’t smoke the seed.” (It turns out “You're gon’ kill your brain”, apparently.)


“SIKE suckas, you gone hafta wait…” says metalcore’s answer to Haile Selassie. “None of it is serious calm down I’m not doing reggae…yet.”

Thank Jah for that…