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If Whiplash was about a Meshuggah covers band


The 2014 independent movie Whiplash won itself tons of praise from critics across the world, including Foo Fighters sticksman Taylor Hawkins, but YouTuber Leo Plat thought it didn’t contain the right about of intense technical metal. You might remember Leo’s passion for tech-metal in his recut of School Of Rock (or School Of Djent, as he put it), but his adaptation of Damien Chazelle’s drama is his best work yet.

The original story takes a much more metallic feel as it turns out Miles Teller is auditioning for a Meshuggah covers band but can’t quite nail the drums. Of course, if you’ve ever listed to Meshuggah YOU’LL KNOW JUST HOW IMPORTANT THE DRUMS ARE. This, in turn, causes J. K. Simmons to get pretty angry and throw a chair at the weak link of the covers band. Seriously, if you’re going to try and jam to Meshuggah, at least try and keep the tempo you fool.

Are you in a Meshuggah covers band? Let us know!

Someone has turned School Of Rock into School Of Djent