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Someone has turned School Of Rock into School Of Djent

Jack Black in School Of Rock

To many people, Jack Black will forever be Dewey Finn; the wannabe rockstar who finds himself teaching a class of talented musicians and entering them into a Battle Of The Bands WITH HILARIOUS CONSEQUENCES. And while School Of Rock is a genuinely heartwarming film about the power of rock ‘n’ roll and why you should always do what your obviously hungover teacher tells you to do, it feels a bit dated now. School Of Rock was released in 2003, that’s 13 whole years ago, that’s the year St. Anger was released, so it needs a bit of an update.

That’s where YouTuber Leo Plat comes in. Using the might of Meshuggah, he transforms Jack Black’s teachings into something much heavier and more menacing – complete with ear-piercing screams from Alicia and Marta.

Check it out for yourself.

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