Hammer's Tracks Of The Week: 16/3/15 - 22/3/15


After another week of gigs courtesy of Krokodil, Stoneghost, Atari Teenage Riot and more, we look at what music has been played in the office at maximum volume.

Abiotic – Cast Into The Depths

Dom Lawson: “A new and exciting addition to Florida’s inestimable death metal legacy, Abiotic are ultra-modernist tech-death virtuosos with the spirit of Chuck rampaging through their veins. More importantly, they make me want to smash things.”

Killer Be Killed – Wings Of Feather And Wax

Lewis Somerscales: “Genuinely one of the most exciting things to have happened in a very very long time.”

Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls

Merlin Alderslade: “Teeth-shattered metallic hardcore fury. YAAARGHH!”

Stoneghost – Faceless Ghost

Vanessa Thorpe: “Love that groooooove! Bloody good, meaty metal.” Alexander Milas: “Groove-laden, technically-brilliant metal metallic ferocity from London!”

Royal Thunder – Forget You

Jonathan Selzer: “Not just rock ‘n’ roll, but an emotional weather system that leaves all your perceptions changed in it wake.”

While She Sleeps – Our Legacy

Eleanor Goodman: “A triumphant tribute to life, living and bro-hood from the returning northerners.”

Black Peaks – Glass Built Castles

Luke Morton: “Destructive, infectious and full of riffs guaranteed to get heads banging across the world.”