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GWAR sues Two Minutes To Late Night

Two Minutes To Late Night

In what should have been a delightful instalment of Two Minutes To Late Night’s latest segment GWAR You Smarter Than A Merch Guy, the Scumdogs Of The Universe’s legal team decided to throw a spanner in the works by suing the heavy metal talk show.

GWAR’s lawyer – known as Ms Jackson – threatens everyone’s favourite metal video host Jordan Olds with a $2 million lawsuit that swiftly turns into a battle of tortured GWAR puns. Seriously, we love puns, but oh god…

But in a Gregory Peck style monologue, Jordan fights back against the lawyer with a rousing speech about the power of metal and why Two Minutes To Midnight is so vital to metal culture because “metal is fun”.

If you’ve never seen a lawyer from hell (playing with McDonald’s and a shark) in a legal tussle with a corpse-painted chat show host, check this out.

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Luke Morton
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