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EXCLUSIVE: Cannabis Corpse – Zero Weed Tolerance

The Richmond metallers have found their way through the haze maze and into the studio for their fourth full-length album From Wisdom To Baked, and we're streaming a brand new song for y'all!

Zero Weed Tolerance (opens in new tab)

Due for release 20 June, the joint-toting extreme metal three-piece are returning with a brand new album via Season Of Mist. Dubbed From Wisdom To Baked (lampooning Gorguts’ From Wisdom To Hate), it’s another green slab of ear-shredding riffs and guttural growls.

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Tracklisting for From Wisdom To Baked is below:

  1. Baptized in Bud

  2. Zero Weed Tolerance

  3. Weedless Ones

  4. Individual Pot Patterns

  5. Pull the Carb

  6. Considered Dank

  7. Voice of the Bowl

  8. THC Crystal Mountain

  9. With Their Hash He Will Create

  10. From Wisdom to Baked

  11. Medicinal Healing

Pre-order From Wisdom To Baked here.

Luke Morton