Deep sea doomsters Ahab unveil a new, in-studio video


For the romantics among us, 2015 is proving to be a glorious year for doom and gloom, the return of Skepticism and My Dying Bride leaving wracked souls all across the heavy oak floorboards, and the likes of Shape Of Despair and Germany’s nautically-obsessed Ahab providing intimate yet epic odes to the godless, blood-red skies above.

With their forthcoming album, The Boats Of The Glen Carrig – surfacing from the Napalm Records bunker on August 28 – weighing heavily in our hearts, we are proud and humbled to offer an exclusive portal into the its making, with an in-studio recording of the opening track, The Isle – 10 minutes’ worth of delicate yet devastating opining and a transformative odyssey to the edge of the world. Sit back, press Play below and awaken the emotional Kraken as it drags you to the picturesque depths!

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And pre-order the treasure chest that is The Boats Of The Glen Carrig here!