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Christmas songs go metal

Santa playing guitar

If you’re over the age of six, you’re probably bored shitless by the idea of Christmas songs. Every year our shopping centres, restaurants and places of work are inundated by the same, boring string of jingle-jangle nonsense. And it’s time to stop. Sure, we can’t go out there and write an album’s worth of festive hits in time for December 25, but it is possible to tweak the existing canon of yuletide classics to be a little bit more metal.

YouTubers Joey and Brandon have done just that. Dressed as a Jagermeister drinking St Nick and a hardcore dancing elf, they shred through metalled-up versions of Carol Of Bells, O Christmas Tree, Silent Night and Deck The Halls – more like WRECK THE HALLS, amirite? And their rampaging version of Jingle Bells should be taught in every school across the world, it’s what Santa would have wanted.

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