Chicago post-metallers The Atlas Moth unveil a thrilling new track

The Atlas Moth, edited promo pic 2018

Never a band to rest on their laurels, Chicago post-metallers are about to take another leap into tempestuous new territories with the imminent release of their fourth album – and their first for Prosthetic RecordsComa Noir.

Skulking out of the shadows on February 9, Coma Noir is a harsher, more densely-packed soundscape than it’s psychedelia-tinged predecessor, The Old Believer, its loose, film noir-inspired narrative of a private eye tracking down a possibly illusionary evil cult has resulted in a thrilling, 48-minute journey through charged and charred environments that combine colossal riffs like a boulder rolling down the back streets of Bedlam, a voice that could sear a side of steak and fleeting moments of aptly searching melody. In the case of the track Actual Human Blood, there are vocal chants that bear a passing similarity to Enslaved’s panoramic perspective, but they mostly exist as fodder for the rabid momentum heading toward likely doom.

As it so happens, we have an exclusive stream of Actual Human Blood below, and guitarist vocalist David Kush has this to say about it: “This song mostly came about because of Mike [Broken Hope] joining the band. He is an absolute beast on drums and we wanted to write some songs that could showcase his talent while still keeping true to our Atlas Moth sound. The guy is a machine and we can’t wait to get on the road with him to play this live!

“The concept of cults and cult mentality is explored throughout Coma Noir. You could even say that we as a band and our fans are collectively a cult. The psychedelic culture is a cult of sorts. Religion can be seen as a cult. We aren’t commenting on if they are good or bad, just pointing out that when people believe blindly in anything as truth, they will close themselves off to the greater cult we all fall into which is just Human Beings.

“We write these songs in part to inspire others to think for themselves and be entertained, but mostly to remind OURSELVES of the journey we all have taken to come to these realisations.”

So without further ado, adjust the blinds, pulling down the brim of your trilby and enter the unstable yet exhilarating world of Actual Human Blood below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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