Brainstorm: Matt Berry

Q1 You wrote and performed the theme music for your 2006 BBC3 show Snuff Box.

In which sci-fi movie was that music used six years later?


A: Correct.


In The Mighty Boosh TV show, Noel Fielding’s character Vince is totally obsessed with which new-wave synth hero?

MB: Was it Gary Numan?

A: In 2001 – it was.


Who is the most famous person on your 2011 album Witchhazel, and on which song do they appear?

MB: Me, on all of them. No, it was Paul McCartney, and he sang on the track Rain Came Down.

A: As well-known as you are, we think Macca just pips it…


That album is about the menacing nature of the countryside. Which prog legend have you blamed for instilling this fear into you?

MB: Kate Bush. It’s when I saw her doing Wuthering Heights on Top Of The Pops in ’78.

A: Correct.


** **EMI’s lawyers threatened to sue you over the use of which logo, adapted for your seven-inch single The Badger’s Wake?

MB: The Harvest logo. That was such a stupid thing for them to do. But, anyway…

A: Harvest it was.


On the song One Track Lover from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, who sings the line: ‘She’s smooth like ice, cold to the touch, and it isn’t very nice’?

MB_: _My character Dr Sanchez sang the song but that line was sung by Thornton Reed.

A: Played by Richard Ayoade – correct.


**Due to his unenlightened views on women, The IT Crowd’s Denholm Reynholm won which award three years in a row? **

MB_: _Shithead Of The Year. Can we talk about music now?

A: Yes, and yes.


Who did you dress as when you appeared on Shooting Stars in 2011, and what were you holding?

MB: Vangelis. I was holding a cigar in one hand and a synth in the other.

A: Correct.


What’s the longest tune on your album Kill The Wolf?

MB: Solstice – it runs to nine minutes.

A: It does.


With whom did you compose the music for the Bond episode of the brilliant Toast Of London?

MB: David Arnold.

A: Full house so far!

General Prog


In the latest series, Toast became a freemason. But which veteran progger is a former Grand Master?

MB: Loads of musicians are masons. Rick Wakeman’s high up so it’s probably him.

A: Correct.


What is the nationality of Aphrodite’s Child frontman Demis Roussos?

MB: They’re all Greek.

A: His dad was Greek, his mum was Egyptian, and he was born and raised in Alexandria.


Can you name the actress who gave an orgasmic performance on Aphrodite’s Child’s Infinity, from their classic album 666?

MB: Oh God, I should know this. It’s an obscure one… no.

A: Irene Papas.


Which 1970 rock opera was banned by the BBC after they deemed it to be sacrilegious?

MB: 1970? That’ll be Jesus Christ Superstar.

A: It will.


According to the producer of TV animation Futurama, which pioneer of electronic musique concrète influenced its theme music?

MB: Jean Jacques Perrey?

A: Pierre Henry.


On Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, who is credited as the Master Of Ceremonies?

MB: Vivian Stanshall.

A: Correct.


And can you name Oldfield’s latest album, which was released last year?

MB: I’ve been sent one – Man On The Rocks.

A: Correct.


In the classic cartoon Willo The Wisp, the pink, dog-like animal is named after which proggy instrument?

MB: The Moog.

A: Correct.


In which city was Jean Michel Jarre born?

MB: He was born in Paris, I think?

A: Lyon.

MB: Argh, it was Lyon! He moved to Paris.


**Can you name the female composer who joined the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and arranged the Doctor Who theme? **

MB: Delia Derbyshire.

A: It was she.

**TOTAL: 16½/20 **

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