Borders target Big Pharma and mainstream media with new EP

Borders band photo

Lincoln metallers Borders are premiering their new video for Comatosed exclusively with Metal Hammer. Taken from their new EP Diagnosed, it’s a bruising barrage of deathcore-inspired chug and heavy-ass beatdowns. Formed by guitarist Gav Burton and drummer Dan Hodson after attending music college together, the band have undergone a number of changes over the past 12 months – including the recruitment of new vocalist JJ Olifent.

With their line-up secured, Borders are releasing the Diagnosed EP on April 21, with eyes on their debut full-length later this year. Speaking to Hammer about the band’s inspirations, vocalist JJ says; “The state of the world is a constant source of creativity, the bleakness and hidden dangers around us that we often filter out day to day provide a lot to speak about.”

And with buckets of brutality fuelling the Borders machine, this has all the potential to be something brilliantly nasty.

We had a chat with JJ to find out what the band have in store…

What is the story behind the song Comatosed?

Comatosed is about the often-unconscious intake of information we get from the media and how it influences us. JJ (Olifent, vocalist) spent some time working for a newspaper company, and it’s clear how manipulative the medium can be when you are behind the scenes. There are suggestive and provocative headlines in most publications; the media should provide unbiased information and give people the respect of letting them think for themselves. This song specifically relates to the recent tide of hate against other cultures that is purveyed and almost encouraged by the mass media – often because big, provocative headlines sell newspapers. Profit is placed above the genuine supply of information.”

Your upcoming EP tackles subjects of drugs, mental health and pharmaceutical companies, what drew you to these topics?

“We all feel there is a moral disparity in the pharmaceutical system: money over health. The privatised big pharma companies are stretching their products for as much profit as possible, usually at the expense of either people who have to pay for this service, or taking more money out of the medical system. We believe the rise of mental health issues is strongly linked to modern society. The unnatural normalisation of technology, especially social media – coupled with the endless status chasing of working life and pressures of capitalism – are taking a toll on the human mind.”

What is the story behind the Diagnosed artwork?

“We really wanted to go for a more modern, clean art style for this EP to reflect the medical themes. Our logo needed to be prominent while still conveying the imagery of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. This lead us to the white colour scheme and bold logo Diagnosed has – we’re pretty happy with how it turned out!”

How would you describe your local metal scene?

“Unfortunately the Lincoln metal scene has seen better days. Don’t get us wrong there are plenty of incredible acts around the area on the heavier end of the spectrum, however Lincoln itself is lacking in real dedicated local music venues. This makes it harder for acts to get the recognition they deserve and really draw out the concertgoers form the woodwork.”

What’s next for Borders?

“We are hoping to keep doing what we love, playing bigger venues to more people – we live for people hearing and enjoying our music. We spent three years entirely self-promoting and self-booking shows and releases, and now that we have a great team behind us we are hoping to take Borders as far as we can, playing the music we love together. We are aiming to play as many shows as possible, including some outside the UK for the first time this year, and getting an album written that we can be proud of.”

Diagnosed is released on April 21.

The song Comatosed is included on the FREE CD with this month’s issue of Metal Hammer, available now.

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