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Behind-the-scenes on Cypher16's video at the Natural History Museum

Cypher16 with Dippy (Image credit: Glenn Butler)

Cypher16 are known for thinking out of the box and doing things their way – touring India multiple times before their UK homeland even began to take notice – and their latest video for Open The Dark Door is another step in their own unique journey. Rather than shacking up in a warehouse or forest like so many metal bands do, the London quartet recorded their new video in the Natural History Museum.

Filmed both outside and inside the iconic 19th century building, engulfed in flames and CO2, we’re not just metal with four heavy metal dudes, but Dippy the diplodocus also makes an appearance! We also meet a few furry friends and a big bloody tyrannosaurus rex, all scaring the bejesus out of a small child who really shouldn’t be there in the first place – hasn’t he seen Night At The Museum?!

But what does filming a metal video inside one of the world’s most famous museums look like? Well, photographer Glenn Butler was on hand to capture the behind-the-scenes action. We’re not sure you should be allowed fire near so many priceless artefacts…

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All photos by Glenn Butler.

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