Behemoth's Nergal: "I feel pumped. I'm hungry"

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Following up one of the single greatest metal albums of the 21st century is no easy feat, so it’s perhaps understandable that Behemoth haven’t rushed themselves into producing their 11th studio full-length. Plus, there’s been the small matter of Nergal’s Me And That Man project, not to mention a t-shirt controversy along the way. This year, though, it’s time for extreme metal’s modern overlords to reclaim their throne.

“From now on, my full energy goes on Behemoth,” pledges Nergal. “I am super-excited about the lyrics for the new record and it seems like I’ll be writing most of it. I’m very inspired.”

Emphasising that the Polish heavyweights are “not really rushing” to get the new album out, we should still anticipate a new Behemoth record well before the end of 2018 – with a new video expected to land early in the year. Regardless, you can guarantee that when the album comes, it’ll be something truly special.

“We always want to make sure that when an album’s done, you can be sure that we’re proud of it,” he pledges. “As long as we’re super-happy, that’s the moment we’re going to hand it over to people.”

The frontman also admits that dabbling in folkier territories with Me And That Man had an indirect impact on his desire to push forward with what comes next in his day job.

“When I was done with The Satanist, I was pretty much done with any music,” he muses. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if there’s any more extreme metal music in me.’ So I had to level out my energy with Me And That Man, and surprisingly, once I went back to the ‘black metal cave’ after that, I was more creative than ever. I couldn’t stop making songs! Usually, I’m super-burnt-out [after an album cycle], but at this stage, not only am I still full of ideas, I feel like I’m on drugs! I feel pumped. I’m hungry.”

In terms of where this next record will sit in the Behemoth canon, we should only expect one thing: Behemoth moving forwards at all costs.

Evangelion was the most perfectly recorded and perfect sounding record, but then The Satanist was something else,” Nergal remarks. “The new one is going to be something else once again, I’m sure about it. So when people tell me, ‘You need to top The Satanist’… I don’t need to top anything. I just want to make sure we take curves with our career. We’re gonna take a different direction in order not to get stuck in the same pattern.”

On other plans for the year ahead, Nergal points to some “amazing touring plans”, “extra pyro” and “no bullshit”.

“What we’re coming up with,” he finishes, “is gonna be a lethal fucking weapon.” You have been warned. Watch this space for all things Behemoth over the coming months.

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