Area 11's ultimate guide to this year's 2000Trees Festival

A press shot of Area 11
(Image credit: Area 11: Just one of the many unmissable bands at this year's 2000 Trees Festival)

Now in its 10th year, Gloucestershire festival 2000Trees is a must-visit festival for those interested in checking out the vital artists currently presiding over the UK’s underground music scene. With a bill that boasts everything from hardcore punk, to alt-rock, to whimsical indie, there’s pretty much something for everyone nestled in this festival’s wildly eclectic bill.

One such bright young hope of the British underground is Bristol-based alt-rockers Area 11, who join the festival’s bill for the very first time this year. For those of you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer variety at your fingertips, Area 11’s bassist, Kogie, and drummer, Leo, kindly join us to provide their guide of the festival’s must-see bands, below.


Kogie [bass]: “Even after touring around the UK with this lot and seeing them play night after night, Vukovi are still one of my favourite bands to see live. With incredible vocals and musicianship all round, their set is hardcore fun. Hardcore in the porno sense, not the genre.”


Kogie: “Having grown up listening to the classic pop-punk bands (Sum 41, Blink-182, etc) I’ve got a lot of time for the genre, especially when we’ve got bands like ROAM carrying the pop-punk torch today. With infectious riffs and vocal melodies (not to mention some ridiculous music videos) you don’t want to miss ‘em. Go for the nostalgia, stay for the tunes.”

Steven Battelle

Kogie: “By chance I met Steven at a Weezer gig, and after both concluding that Rivers Cuomo is THE FUCKING MAN, I went home and listened to LostAlone (Steven’s old band) and was blown away by the combination of celestial vocal harmonies and formidable guitar work. With his recently released solo-work being equally as impressive, I can’t wait to see him perform it live.”

The Winter Passing

Leo [drums]: “There’s something strangely joyous about this band that separates them from their peers. Perhaps it’s the folkish touch to their songs, or perhaps it’s the excellent back and forth between the two singers. But every time I listen, there’s a sweet melancholy that really makes me smile. Really looking forward to seeing how they bring that sense of fun across live!”

Bad Sign

Kogie: “If you like rock music in any of its manifestations, then you’re going to like Bad Sign. Big choruses, bigger riffs and the songwriting chops to hold it all firmly together, these guys are great both live and on record. Nice dudes as well!”

The Wonder Years

Kogie: “The Wonder Years are a band lauded for both their emotional and introspective songwriting and their ability to bring all that emotion to their live show. I first saw them live supporting Enter Shikari at Alexander Palace show and have been looking forward to seeing them play again since.”


Leo: “These guys supported us for one show on our last tour, and it absolutely flawed me when they took to the stage. Their presence and maturity for such young guys was super impressive, as well as the pure force of the performance. As well as that they’re such humble lads.”

Black Foxxes

Kogie: “I stumbled upon these guys at last month’s Slam Dunk Festival while walking from one stage to another, but after hearing them for a few moments I had to stay and watch the whole set. Considering there’s only the three of ‘em, Black Foxxes have a huge sound. Perfectly sculpted emotional alt-rock, definitely worth going to watch.”


Leo: “The pure talent of this band! It’s ludicrous. Combining the pure pop of modern Paramore with the math style of Fall Of Troy shouldn’t be easy, but these guys sure make it seem that way. Perhaps something a bit lighter than the rest of the festival, but why not treat your ears to a poppy vacation!”


Kogie: “By chance I came across Slaves at Glastonbury a couple of years ago, and after immediately getting kicked in the head by a crowd-surfer two minutes into their explosive set, I knew I was going to like these guys. The ferocity of the two band members makes for an unparalleled live set, and hopefully this time round I’ll get another kick to the head in the same spot and get my memories back.”

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