10 Things to do at Download that isn't watching bands

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It's likely you are attending Download due to its epic line-up of Tool, Slipknot, Def Leppard, Slayer (for their last ever UK performance), Smashing Pumpkins and Die Antwood... but even if you're just being dragged along by your mates, we've got you covered with plenty of things to do. So if you were to (idiotically) miss every single band, you'd still be sure to have a blast!


What? For the first time this year Download are holding Mind The Dog – Mindfulness Sessions. There are a mixture of various mindfulness exercises including meditation, healing sound baths, breath work sessions

When? Every morning, afternoon and evening (see full schedule below)

Where? The Doghouse

UK Air Guitar Championships

What? The second UK Air Guitar Championships will take place at Download. Hosted by DR HAZE and the Circus of Horrors (who you can also check out at Download!), the winner of the contest will get a shot at the World Title in Finland this August. 

Click here for full details on how to enter.

Round 1, Heat 1 – Friday 16:30-17:00
Round 1, Heat 2 – Friday 17:30-18:00
Round 1, Heat 3 – Friday 18:45-19:15
Round 2, Heat 1 – Saturday 16:30-17:00
Round 2, Heat 2 – Saturday 17:30-18:00
Round 2, Heat 3 – Saturday 18:45-19:15
Round 1, Semi Final – Sunday 16:30-17:00
Round 2, Semi Final – Sunday 17:30-18:00
Dirty Rose/Nanami Seven Seas – Sunday 18:45-19:00
Final – Saturday 19:00-19:20

Where? Sindrome

Metal Screenings

What? Download's very first outdoor cinema features a hand curated cineprogram of Arthouse, classics, comedy and documentary films. Catch metal VJ Harry K after midnight, spinning rock classics accompanied by iconic film footage from the world of heavy music.

When? Every day from noon 'til midnight

Where? The Metal Den in The Village

Get RockFit

What? Rockfit are the UK's biggest Rock and Metal Dance FItness classes, and you can join in the fun at Download this year! Their music includes tracks from all the headliners, so you can pump and sweat your way to fitness with help from your favourite bands (and without any of that nasty chart topping crap!).

When? Thursday-Saturday from 10:00 to 10:45

Where? The Side Splitter Stage

Get Inked

What? Old Sarum tattoo! What better way to saviour your Download experience, than to permanently mark your body with a memento of your joyous weekend? And there's no need to fret about the practicalities of aftercare at a festival either – they'll clean it, cream it and re-wrap it for you everyday.

When? Anytime

Where? Right side of the main stage in arena

Do(om) Yoga

What? DO.OMYoga is yoga with a twist. Reconnect yourself through the acient Indian practice of Nada Yoga, where music and sound become one. A slow vinyasa based flow set to a selection of dark and "vibrational" music.

When? Thursday-Sunday at 11:00-12:30 

Where? The Side Splitter Stage

A Doom Yoga class in a park

Join the carnival!

What? Area 51: This year's dark circus sideshow features the Caravan of Lost Souls, where you can check out human curiosities and "Other Worldly characters"

When? Friday-Sunday from 15:30-16:15 and 18:00-18:45

Where? Sindrome

Watch WWE NXT UK Live!

What? For the first time, WWE NXT UK Live will be bringing WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm and Tyler Bate to a full scale ring for your viewing pleasure!

When? Friday, Saturday and Sunday (see full schedule below)

Where? In the ring! (Arena, to the right of the main stage)

Witness the Wall Of Death

What? The World's Greatest Wall of Death! One of the oldest surviving "walls of death" in existence today, take a seat and experience a host of breath taking live stunts.

When? All day, every day!

Where? The Village

Immerse yourself in some Medieval action!

What? Battle Heritage present Demolition Download VI! Fighters from all over Europe compete in medieval full force, full contact combat with authentic medieval armour and real blunted weapons. No choreography or staging: full blown brutality! Plus, there will be workshops for festival goers to give this ancient sport a go themselves.

When? Battle Workshops: Friday 14:15-16:15 / Demolition Download: Saturday & Sunday at 14:15-16:15

Where? Sindrome

Download festival will take place on the weekend of 14-16 June 2019. The campsites will open on Wednesday 12 June. For more info on what the festival has to offer, aside from its stellar line up, click here.

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