10 essential black’n’roll albums

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Go looking in the metal’s darkest corners and you’ll eventually stumble across black’n’roll, the bastard offspring of black metal and rock’n’roll. Shadowy UKBM-ers The Infernal Sea known all about this twisted mutant genre – their upcoming third album, the plague-ridden concept album Negotium Crucis, is an unholy mix of godforsaken noise and diabolical grooves.  "To us, black 'n' roll is about capturing the spirit of Motörhead, the aggression of Venom and incorporating that with the vitriolic nature of the first and second wave of black metal,” say vocalist D.L. and guitarist J.E. Let the enigmatiic duo act as your black-cowled guides to the unholiest black’n’roll albums known to man, woman or beast…

Carpathian Forest - Fuck You All!!! (2006)

D.L.: “The true purveyors of the black'n'roll sound, Carpathian Forest are punk as fuck. Their sound is nasty, capturing the no bullshit attitude of punk and infusing it with the vitriol of black. With Nattefrost at the helm, we would accept nothing less.”
Standout track: Everyday I Must Suffer!  

Venom - Welcome To Hell (1981)

J.E: “Controversial maybe - it’s not the Black Metal album that people are looking for. This has all the elements. It’s fucking raw, and is undeniably the album that started this genre without even realising. I remember at an early age hearing the title track on a British heavy metal sample CD, and although I knew it wasn’t as polished as everything else at the time, I knew it was dangerous.”
Standout track: Welcome To Hell

Khold - Hundre Ar Gammal (2008)

D.L.: “Khold know how to write a killer hook, once this album gets its claws into you, you will not be able to resist. Gard's distinct vocals are the perfect accompaniment to their true Norwegian sound. Criminally overlooked, more people need to discover the unholy groove of Khold.”
Standout track: Der Kulden Rår

Kvelertak - Nattesferd (2016)

J.E.: “Kvelertak have been a heavy influence on us from their first releases, but they really perfected their sound on Nattesferd. This album has a distinct ‘rock’ quality which makes it extremely easy to listen to, but still has enough of that angry Norwegian spit to please the metal heads.”
Standout track: Berserkr

Darkthrone - Darkthrones And Black Flags (2008)

D.L.: “Darkthrone are one of those black metal bands that can get away with doing whatever they want. This album is a prime example, nothing short of pure NWOBHM worship with added bravado. Unashamedly wearing their influences on their battle jackets, you can tell Fenriz and Nocturno Culto were Raised on Rock. This is Darkthrone at their rawest and most honest sounding.”
Standout track: The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker

Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion (1985)

J.E.: “I said HEY. Do I really need to say anything else other than, “UGH”?”
Standout track: Circle Of The Tyrants

Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment (2006)

D.L.: “I absolutely love Urgehal, this is Satanic blasphemy at its most hateful. They combine the old school Norwegian sound with the nastiest riffs known to Satan, creating a sound that is vile and despicable, I can only mean this as a compliment. The grooves smash you in the face with such force you cannot help but grimace. I urge you all to listen to Urgehal.”
Standout track: Goatcraft Torment

Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy (2020)

J.E - The fact that this album came out this year always puts an evil grin on my face. Because honestly, it could’ve come out in 1984. It’s reassurance for our kind that this style of music will always be relevant, that heavy metal always prevails. The first thing I always notice when listening to this is the Show No Mercy feel, and there’s not much better than some old school Slayer worship.”
Standout track: Raw Attack

Satyricon - Now, Diabolical (2006)

D.L.: “Satyricon have mastered the black'n'roll sound to absolute perfection, Frost is a beast on this album, his playing style adding further depth to the frostbitten snarl of Satyricon’s riffs. Add to this blackened concoction Satyr's infamous rasp and you have a benchmark sound black'n'roll.”
Standout track: K.I.N.G  

Motörhead - Bomber (1979)

J.E. - Much like the Venom choice, Motörhead are in this list because of the ‘proto’ influence. As soon as Lemmy rasps “This is it”, the album oozes riffs. It’s the epitome of a heavy metal party. Wear your denim & leather proud and turn this up to eleven.
Standout track: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Infernal Sea’s Negotium Crucis is released on September 18