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Young Rebel Set: Curse Our Love

Greetings from North East England.

The steady procession of rousing rockers and stirring ballads that make up the debut album from this seven-piece band from Stockton-on-Tees reeks of a determination and dedication that’s hard to fault.

Singer Matthew Chipchase’s vocals have a gritty edge that propels the songs and the band are clearly well honed. Unfortunately the lacklustre, homespun production does the band no favours, failing to bring out any of the dynamics that are crucial when it comes to songs that are so obviously influenced by the likes of Springsteen, The Clash, Dylan and even The Pogues.

Without this essential spark, Young Rebel Set are left sounding earnest rather than passionate. It’s a shame because songs like the pacey opener Lion’s Mouth, the bittersweet ballad Red Bricks, the driving Borders and the blue collar sentiments of Measure Of A Man all deserve better.