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Yes: Songs From Tsongas – 35th Anniversary Concert

Three hours of classic Yes extended to over four.

The (for most fans) definitive line-up of Yes were still on speaking terms in 2004 when they celebrated 35 years of affirmation with a three-hour set, embracing all eras of their complex existence.

The last tour by Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman and White, here filmed at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, is shown to be cheerfully angst-free, even if that does somewhat dilute mystique. I’ve Seen All Good People is perky and precise, and there’s a lengthy acoustic section, with Wonderous Stories in particular revelling in frill-free melody and charm.

So far, so much already released in 2005. Added now is an extra disc featuring 70 minutes of highlights from an outdoor show during the same tour. Shot in Lugano, Switzerland two months later, it reveals that it rained. A lot. But that doesn’t stop Anderson looking ecstatic and Wakeman looking like he’s pondering which curry to order afterwards. Plus ça change.