Xibalba: Tierra Y Libertad

The familiar sound of metallic hardcore chaos

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The cover of these California bruisers’ latest album is a confused melding of past and future – a brutal, Dan Seagrave-depicted, Rise Of The Machines-like conflict amid an ancient ruin setting.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the music is an amalgam of its own with brutality held in high stead.

Three albums in and Xibalba continue to jackhammer breakdown-laden hardcore mixed with 90s US death metal down the throats of the innocent. It’s still done without an original riff, but exhibits some individuation via the increasing amounts of lyrics delivered in fiery Spanish. Otherwise, it’s a non-stop thundering salute to Integrity, Gehenna, Obituary and Sepultura via moshpit flip-switches like Enemigo, rager Guerilla and the bumped-up tempos and fleeting layers of chaos in Invierno. For the most part, Tierra Y Libertad hits hard and with a ton of familiarity.

Via Southern Lord