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Workin' Man Noise Unit: Play Loud

Shit-kicking rock’n’roll revelry from an unlikely source

If you like rock’n’roll then you’ll like four-piece Workin’ Man Noise Unit.

Just buy it. Better still, go and buy it at one of their gigs, where they’ll be rocking their asses off through a bad PA, in front of 20 people who will later boast about being there. Play Loud is a joy to discover: raw, abrasive, dirty, somewhat sweaty, and played for the sheer love of making a racket.

It’s Nick Oliveri with his balls out and the good bits of the White Stripes; it’s early Kyuss and Monster Magnet, and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Zen Guerrilla all kinda rolled into one… but from Reading.

Songs like the swaggering Creepin’ Round, the raucous singalong Cruisin’ The IDR and the deliciously stoned Black Lights sound like they were weaned at Reading Festival, the lullabies that drifted in through WMNU’s windows late at night when they were kids. Play very loud.