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While Heaven Wept: Suspended At Aphelion

Prog-metal visionaries still awaiting their dues

Given that While Heaven Wept have existed for a quarter of a century without the respect that their music deserves, the metal world should perhaps be ashamed of itself.

If there’s an explanation… well, hailing from Dale City, Virginia doesn’t help, and neither does the cerebral nature of much of the group’s lyrical subject matter, nor the network of labels to which they’ve been signed. An evolution from doom metal to more progressive and classical sounds has muddied the waters. Embroidering 11 mini-symphonies into a single, epic, 40-minute piece, WHW’s 25th anniversary release is their second for Nuclear Blast. From the textured bombast of Icarus And I to the fragile balladry of Heartburst, it deserves to announce them, somewhat belatedly, onto the world stage.

Via Nuclear Blast