Valient Thorr – Old Salt album review

Venusian rockers Valient Thorr rearrange their DNA on new album

Valient Thorr album cover

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‘It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock‘n’roll’ as a wise man once sang, and that’s a line that road warriors Valient Thorr know all too well.

Blighted since their 2000 inception by numerous lineup changes that derailed a journey that should have taken them to the stars, the former Venus-dwellers have always deserved a place among metal’s elite and that’s mostly thanks to their charismatic frontman Valient Himself.

The band’s seventh album sees the latest version of VT in a bullish mood and it’s a groovier, more expansive experience compared to past efforts. Gone are the supercharged, Thin Lizzy leads and Stooges stomp, and in their place are lashings of Southern rock licks (Jealous Gods) and even some funk (Lil’ Knife is a future metal club staple). The Call Of Ktulu-inspired Linen Maker/The Shroud is a massive highlight and as mean as a beerless Stone Cold Steve Austin, while Worm Up is a rocking, reflective, but not regretful offering that firmly states their continued commitment to their cause. Though they may be seven albums in, Old Salt loudly affirms they’re only getting started.