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Triaxis: Rage And Retribution

Heavy metal majesty from the land of song

Proudly flying the flag for a part of the metal scene that seldom registers on more fashion- conscious radars, Triaxis sound more than ready for bigger and better things on their second album.

Eschewing the power metal trappings of their Key To The Kingdom debut in favour of a tougher, heavier and more incisive sound, Rage And Retribution comprises a sustained onslaught of triumphant melodies, blazing solos and brisk rhythmic precision, wherein the song is always king and brute force is tempered by a laudable lightness of touch.

On the anthemic likes of Black Trinity and Sker Point and the darker, more epic And Shadows Creep, the South Wales crew’s amalgam of classic and modern metal licks and tricks amounts to a subtly distinctive reinvention of the cheerfully familiar.

Whether exhibiting a knack for dark-hued balladry on Asunder or veering into thrash territory on The Infected, everything brims with personality and a surfeit of insistent hooks, singer Krissie Kirby’s dazzling vocals providing the soulful, dramatic icing on a pleasingly iron-plated cake. A homegrown treat for the real metalheads.