Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Disomus album review

New-school pugilists return at full throttle

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Seven years on from the release of their fourth album, Skepsis, Through The Eyes Of The Dead must feel that their time has finally come. Masters of the midpoint between deathcore and old-school death metal, the South Carolinians haven’t exactly veered from their tried-and-tested formula on Disomus, but this is easily the most commanding release of their career. Much like former peers Job For A Cowboy, TTEOTD have never been restricted by deathcore’s clichés: instead, that slight hint of hardcore austerity adds extra punch to songs that are far more strongly connected to Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse than to any post-millennial hybrid. The bruising, slow-motion crush of The Binding Nightmare Hex and Dismal’s arcane, doom-laden barrage stand out as the album’s obvious highlights, but this is high-grade stuff throughout and a startling statement of renewed intent.