The Osiris Club - The Wine-Dark Sea album review

Dark psycho-delia from behind the velvet curtain

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Still firmly in the elusive nutjobs’ miasmic, fever-dream world of cobwebbed velvet, cigars stubbed out on bloody carpets and the faint but persistent stench of laudanum punch, The Wine-Dark Sea feels like an exercise in subtle expansion. With several new shades of intoxicating yet more incisive songwriting, this is the most Osiris Club-sounding Osiris Club record yet – an effervescent blend of psychedelic rock, glowering post-punk and mischievous, scattershot prog. The likes of eerie opener Wormwood Grange and angular melodrama With The Giants share a little DNA with Ghost’s wilder moments, but here the madness is real. In spirit and sound, this belongs to the hazy limbo between ’shroom-addled space rock, wonky psych-pop and all-out prog rock abandon. Closing epic A Winters Night On Sentinal Hill cranks up all three simultaneously, resulting in one of the most irresistible bad trips you’ll ever hear.