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The New Wave Of Classic Rock comes of age on the Dust Coda's Mojo Skyline

Mojo Skyline finds the Dust Coda channelling Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Humble Pie

Dust Coda: Mojo Skyline
(Image: © Earache Records)

There was always going to be an album that would come along and lift the much vaunted New Wave Of Classic Rock to a new level. And this could be it. 

The Dust Coda channel Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Humble Pie in a mélange of 70s blues and funk rock. 

You can hear it all taking shape on highflying opener Demon. From here the flow is forthright and charismatic.

Dream Alright sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd interpreted by Trapeze, Jimmy 2 Times and Bourbon Pouring have a sleazy attitude that recalls the Faces, It’s A Jam is a rousing smoker reminiscent of Nazareth. 

Predicated on John Drake’s massive vocals and Adam Mackie’s guitar slickness, Mojo Skyline is an exciting ride.