The Melvins: Sugar Daddy Live

Shaking the foundations.

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The Melvins recently found themselves caught up first in the NewZealand earthquakes and then the Japanese one while touring. It’s tempting to use this as a cue for metaphors, and certainly, footage of remorseless, onrushing brown water does spring to mind as they churn out their stuff – but the remarkably long-lived Melvins are precisely the opposite of some freak, one- (or even two-) off occurrence.

Formed in 1983, they have had both Gene Simmons and Kurt Cobain as guests in their ranks and are credited with unifying punk and metal and anticipating grunge and drone rock.

This live set, recorded in Downey, CA, consists mostly of outtakes from Nude With Boots and (A) Senile Animal, blasted, unrefined fare whose titles – Dog Island and Rat Faced Granny – testify to the wit that has helped preserve The Melvins (that and never having gotten too big).

Also included are their mock-drunken a capella rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, as well as Eye Flys from their more expansive late 80s period, and 1991’s lumbering, monstrous Boris.