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The Good The Bad & The Zugly: Anti World Music

A turbo-powered, puke-splattered punk’n’roll rampage

Some people might tell you that Oslo is Europe’s ugliest capital and that this is reason enough to account for the recent proliferation of spit-in-your-face and steal-your-beer punk bands to emerge from the admittedly grotty metropolis.

But those people probably haven’t spent a drunken night being chased through Peckham. What’s more likely to account for the emergence of the likes of Kvelertak, Man The Machetes and The Good The Bad & The Zugly is that Turbonegro have been pissing in the city’s drinking water again, such is the obvious weight of influence on the latter especially.

TGTB&TZ aren’t mere copyists, though. While the foot-stomping silliness of I Ain’t Got No Job and the fist-pumping floor-filler One Kidney Man owe a huge dept to the glam-punk luminaries, elsewhere, the likes of Oslo Jonestown and the frantic Mr. Obese expel the same sort of impetuous appetite as early Municipal Waste. Drink up – it’ll taste like puke, but you’ll love it.