The best Prog you can buy this month

Jo Kendall on the latest releases from Gold Key, Trojan Horse, Eloy, Nordic Giants and The Cravats

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Gold Key - Hello Phantom

Trojan Horse - Fukushima Surfer Boys

Eloy - The Sword, The Vision And The Pyre

Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration

The Cravats - Dustbin Of Sound

Fans of Beefheart, Pere Ubu and the Near Jazz Experience gather round – the first LP in 35 years from Redditch’s lairiest will scratch the prog-punk, Dadaist itch that other abrasive avant-gardists can’t. Growling, prowling and poetic, frontman The Shend is at his most frenetic on Blurred, going fruitily out of control on the jazz-swing assault of Bigband, a symphony of saxophonic devastation. (610)