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Teeth Of The Sea: Master

The Brits ‘circle their wagons around consciousness itself’. Alright!

Gleefully harnessing the momentum that occurs when cerebral mischief and primal oomph collide, Teeth Of The Sea have been making laudably odd records for a few years now, delighting ever more third-eye explorers along the way.

But even by their own dazzling standards, Master represents a deliciously unhinged swan dive into the unknown. By bringing all manner of disparate elements together, excursions into uncharted sonic realms like All Human Is Error and the two-part Siren Spectre paint their creators as pursuing experience beyond the doors of perception.

The mesmerising throb underpinning the thrillingly disorientating Reaper may be distantly related to minimalist techno, but sounds closer to the primitive thud of calloused hands against tribal drums, a percussive mantra like a circle of wagons around consciousness itself. But for those who’d rather just turn on, tune in and sink into red-eyed reverie, Master works as a sublime transcendental trip that owes as much to Vangelis, Schulze and Eno as it does to more wilfully opaque art-rock indulgence.

Brilliantly eccentric and yet endlessly compelling, Teeth Of The Sea will make your jaw drop and your brain spin.