Subversion: Animi

UK tech-metal crew bring the pain – and the salve

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Life must seem unfair to those kids who spend hours in their rooms learning how to do all sorts on the guitar when nobody wants to watch their tech-metal band, yet some idiot with an acoustic guitar who only knows three chords is the height of popularity at parties.

The problem lies in the fact that sometimes flexing musical muscles can come at the expense of good songs. Kent’s Subversion have avoided this pitfall; as impressive as their musicality is, the quality of the songs themselves take priority.

The bludgeoning riffs are relentless with songs like In Order To Live (Pt 2) threatening to take your head off, while the heaviness is well-balanced with a keen ear for a killer melody.

The scream/clean vocal trade-offs and use of electronics and strings all play a crucial part, with the likes of Imperfect delivering the grandiose. It’s a fiendishly inventive listen./o:p