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Styx: Live At The Orleans Arena Las Vegas

Styx’s finest ever live release.

Oh, what joy. Another live release from Styx. Only their ninth such beast. However, if most of the others have been perfunctory, to say the least, this is a cracker. Their best since… well, maybe just their best.

Not only is the track listing stuffed with classics, but Styx themselves are in scintillating form, giving everything the full-on treatment.

From opener The Grand Illusion, the band are in prime pomp poise. They’re even joined by former Eagles guitarist Don Felder for Blue Collar Man (Long Nights). Meanwhile, both Suite Madam Blue and Renegade are majestically primed.

You can even forgive the sheer effrontery and insincerity of the between-song banter, the only thing that matters is that Styx are on top form here.

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