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Steve Perry's The Season is not a Christmas gift that keeps giving

The Season finds reanimated Journey man Steve Perry having a crack at some festive faves

Steve Perry: The Season cover art
(Image: © UMC)

It’s fair to say that Steve Perry has never quite followed the traditional career trajectory. Since quitting Journey in 1998, he went into semi-retirement for 20 years before the soulful AOR of 2018’s Traces album. How to follow that? With a set of unashamedly sentimental, soft-focus renditions of Christmas standards, of course! 

With a voice like his, Perry could probably sing your Christmas shopping list and not sound half bad, but while his elegantly weathered vocals provide the requisite warm glow for The Christmas Song, elsewhere there’s a distinct sense of “Why?” 

A lumbering rearrangement of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, for example, stretches the melodic pop charm out of the original and replaces it with little more than lounge-y mediocrity. 

And if you’re hoping to hear any trace of the rock stylings that made Perry famous, then it’s probably best skip this gooey, Buble-esque affair