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Spreading The Disease - Insurrection album review

Brutality-edged melodic metallers miss a few too many punches

Cover art for Spreading The Disease - Insurrection album

Nasty verse, sticky sweet chorus: this formula propelled Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine into the limelight and it’s what’ll stop Kent’s Spreading The Disease getting there. Their debut LP contains pockets of promise. Connor Snyder’s screams ride atop waves of vibrant, melodeath-tinged thrashing and solos and Save Me is the pinnacle of this. There should have been an entire album of this. Instead, tracks are saturated with karaoke Corey Taylor impressions and dead-serious lines like ‘Nothing’s wrong with me, they just can’t handle me.’ Nobody’s expecting Tolstoy, but come the fuck on, lads. It’s just a bit… muddled. Reciting The Lord’s Prayer on the otherwise-decent and cleverly titled Brexit Wounds is another fudge, although the record is salvaged by Last Goodbye’s ramshackle rumble. They’ve got a way to go, but hey, their drummer’s called Jack Apella…