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Speedtrap: Powerdose

Punk-tinged metal madmen stay rough ’n’ ready

Thirty years ago when Metallica unleashed Kill ’Em All, thrash metal was still just called heavy metal. Speedtrap play heavy metal. They play it fast and furious, but heavy metal is what it is.

Just like a teenage Lars and co, they play metal fed on a diet of Motörhead and alcohol, Exciter and suspect powders – high octane and hellbent for leather. Metal they may be, but there is more than a little punk rock going on, too.

While there is plenty of early 80s high-energy rocking going on, that’s not to say Powerdose sounds in any way dated. These shaggy-haired Finns keep it full throttle pretty much from start to, er, finish. The likes of Redemption Of Might and Take Their Lives are riotous all-out neck-snappers based around machine gun-burst double-kick drumming, razorwire rock ‘n’metal riffing and vocals like Ian Gillan after a nasty accident with a chainsaw.

Aided by a crisp, razor-sharp production, the effect is akin to Enforcer and Zeke trading blows in a pub car park after one too many Jägerbombs. Powerdose: does what it says on the tin.