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Soundwave 2015: Crossfaith and Coldrain

It's a Japanese invasion at Soundwave

Away from that big ball of fire in the sky is the loving shade of Stage 5. Of course it isn’t cool by any stretch of the imagination as Crossfaith are bringing the ruckus the only way they know how – by being flipping bonkers. Fans of this Japanese crew will know full well just how rowdy it can get and obviously with this being the first of four Soundwave shows, today is no exception.

The momentum drops slightly toward the end… but then the bass kicks in. True to convention and fighting the norm, Crossfaith get the two-steppers and ravers moving with their wobble-filled dubstep mash with crashing synths that envelope the packed warehouse-esque venue. The originality and passion of Crossfaith is still the driving force for the electro-metal troupe and Australia’s love for their eclecticism and originality is palpable. Roll on Sydney!

Following ‘Faith are their brothers in arms – Coldrain. Despite having a higher slot on the bill, the crowd is sadly thinner on the ground, but it doesn’t stop the bouncing Masato get the room moving with him. Even though their brand of metal isn’t as in you face or erratic as Crossfaith, it’s full throttle from the get-go as the crystal clear clean vocals merge with the serious metalcore angst.

Dancing makes way for moshing as The Revelation revs the circle pit into motion with its poptastic chorus and beatdowns that make you want to punch a hole through the floor. Die-hard fans are scattered about but its a crowd of curious onlookers for a band who are making their Australian debut. Rushing through the high octane The War Is On and No Escape, its a set of the big hitters that leaves a solid mark on everyone present. Next time can only be bigger.

Luke Morton