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Sonisphere 2014: Limp Bizkit

Nu-metal comes to Knebworth

Love 'em or hate 'em, the red-capped one can put on a bloody show. And tonight proves it.

It’s not an easy task opening for The Prodigy but Limp Bizkit are more than up for the challenge. With more bangers than a sausage factory, Durst and co. are on top form and throwing out hit after hit to the biggest main stage crowd of the day thus far. Opening on a Lounge Kittens rendition of Rollin’ there was only one way to go… and instantly the entirety of Knebworth had their right arms in the air doing ‘that dance’.

Despite having their heyday back in the midst of 2001, it was abundantly clear that at least 90% of Knebworth grew up with or at least owned Chocolate Starfish and was screaming along to My Generation, My Way and Take A Look Around with circle pits opening all the way back to the sound stage.

Some of the later tracks (namely Gold Cobra) fall on deaf ears as the dancing slows down to a gentle nod, but when Bizkit turn it up to 11 with Nookie and their ear-pounding cover of Killing In The Name everyone is back on Bizkit’s side and punching the air and waving their purpose-bought red caps.

Despite running over - for which Durst apologises to The Prodigy for - right now it doesn’t matter because Break Stuff has just kicked off and seven shades of shit are being lost all over Sonisphere. Regardless of your opinion of nu-metal it cannot be argued that Limp Bizkit can put on a rock ‘n’ roll show when they feel like it. Nobody is left disappointed and everything is set for tonight’s headline set.

Luke Morton